We often get in used product. It can be anything from firearms, body armor, optics, even ammo.

Just to be clear, our used boxes of ammo does not mean you are buying a box of spent rounds, rather, it might be a box that is missing one or two cartridges that someone had no need of any longer and we bought it from them or a box that has become tattered and worn from sitting on our shelf for years or even just a damaged box from shipping. No matter what the case, you can be sure it will be a better deal than buying new.

You can get great deals buying used. Check this page often as it will change the most.



Firearms can not be shipped directly to the customer. By law, all firearms must be shipped to a valid FFL holder. Most FFL holders charge a fee for this. Also, the customer must pass a NICS background check (performed at the pickup location) in order to take possession of the firearm.

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