Pre-Order Terms

PRE-ORDER TERMS: Liberty Guns And Armor is proud to offer a new Pre-order Plan as another way to save our customers money. The policies and procedures for our "Pre-order Plan" are listed below for your review:


  • Group Pre-order: A Group Pre-order has a definite minimum order quantity (above 1) which must be met before any of the item will be shipped. and has a definite end – either in quantity or by date – at which time either all monies will be refunded and the order cancelled, or all items will be shipped. Such as our Slide Fire Units.
  • Individual Pre-order: One person buying one (or more) item(s) that can be ordered one at a time. Basically a special order item that we do not have in stock. A special order.

Ordering –

All Liberty Guns And Armor Pre-order Agreement(s) require a minimum initial deposit of 50% of the TOTAL price, including any applicable taxes, estimated shipping fees, and/or other fees and/or charges, as determined to be included in the TOTAL purchase price.

There are no handling and processing charges in connection with the set-up and maintenance of your Liberty Guns And Armor Pre-order Agreement(s).

Pre-order Agreement item(s )will NOT be ordered until –

  • Group Pre-order(s): at least Eighty percent (80%) of the TOTAL minimum participants required for the distributor order have paid their Pre-orders in full and the minimum amount of participants have joined the group Pre-order for the item.
  • Individual Pre-Order(s): 100% of the TOTAL of the Pre-order total is paid.

Payment –

Pertaining to Group Pre-orders Only:

  • It is recommended that the BUYER Pre-pay the TOTAL price of the BUYER’S Liberty Guns And Armor Pre-order Agreement(s) when the BUYER submits the signed and executed Liberty Guns And Armor Pre-paid Agreement(s) in Quinlan, Texas.
  • Liberty Guns And Armor Pre-order Agreement(s) will terminate, and BUYER’s deposit and other payments made will become NON-REFUNDABLE and be FORFEITED to Liberty Guns And Armor if full and final payment is not received BY the 7th day after the date Liberty Guns And Armor sends FINAL PAYMENT DUE notification to all group Pre-order members via E-Mail or phone call. There will be no exceptions. This is a group buy and everyone depends on everyone else to do their part. This is why we encourage you to Pre-pay.

Individual Pre-Order(s): Full payment is required in advance on all individual Pre-orders.

Refunds –

Pre-order Agreement item(s ) –

  • Group Pre-orders: Liberty Guns And Armor will give store credit or a full refund for any Group Pre-order deposit and subsequent payments, if any, when, before the end of the Pre-order period, the goods have for any reason become no longer available in the same condition and/or price as at the time the Liberty Guns And Armor Pre-order Agreement(s) was placed by the buyer or the order has not been submitted to the distributor for the group Pre-order.
  • Individual Pre-Order(s): The only condition whereby the BUYER may receive a refund is in the unlikely event that there is a price change facilitating the need for an increase in overall price to the BUYER. Should the item on Pre-order incur a price increase, the BUYER will be notified of the price change and the BUYER will have the option of receiving a refund or paying the difference and continuing with the Liberty Guns And Armor Pre-order Agreement(s). No exceptions!

Changes –

Any changes to the Liberty Guns And Armor Pre-order Agreement(s) must be in writing and signed by both the BUYER and Liberty Guns And Armor.

All Liberty Guns And Armor Pre-order Agreement(s) require that the Liberty Guns And Armor Pre-order Agreement(s) document be signed and dated.

Liberty Guns And Armor Pre-order Agreement(s) remain in effect until the order has been placed with the distributor and the BUYER has received their item(s).

Liberty Guns And Armor does not extend any form of customer credit, customer credit installment payment terms other than Liberty Guns And Armor Pre-order Agreement(s), or in-house credit under any circumstances. Any offers to purchase including purchase orders, and/or any type of procurement document must be accompanied by an acceptable form of payment before the order leaves our facilities.

TO MAKE PAYMENTS: Payments can be made at Liberty Guns And Armor during normal business hours or by mail.

Pre-order Payments
Liberty Guns And Armor
1776 Dove Dr.
Quinlan, Texas 75474
Tel: (903)269-9379

Printed Name:___________________________________________Group Order#:____________

Signed name:____________________________________________Date:____________________

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