SRM 1216 Finally in!

The long-awaited SRM Arms model M1216 has finally made it to our store!

It was a long wait but it has finally arrived. If you have any interest in this fine piece of craftsmanship drop by and have a look.

I will be taking it to the Jacob’s Plain gun range (903-455-2264) soon and will report back with my review, videos and pictures here on the site.

If you would like to try it out for yourself, let me know and I will set a time and date (it will need to be on a Sunday) at the range so that you can shoot it for yourself. You’ll need to bring your own protective gear (glasses and ear protection), targets, and ammo (will be available for purchase on sight or you can bring your own. New ammo only, no reloads.) Range fee will also need to be paid to the range.

SRM Arms M1216


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