Sorry for the down time!

We experienced a technical glitch when our hosting provider upgraded their servers and didn’t find out about it for about two weeks.

We have since moved to a new hosting provider and should not experience anymore downtime (fingers crossed).


Beginning March 8th we will no longer be located in building #70 at the Hunt County Trade Center flea market on the weekend.

We have moved to building #36 on the back row (still at the Trade Center).

Summer is coming and we wanted to be sure and have a back door to let the air move through to help keep the heat index down in the building.

We’ll see you there.

Now Open

We are now open.

In 2014, we are changing the way we do business for a while to see how it works out.

We will keep a few things in stock that only come in stock once in a great while, like Hi-point, as best as we are able but otherwise we are going to transition to special order only, for everything.

What this means is you may have to wait a few days on that purchase to be in your hands but the wait will be rewarded by lower cost to you.

We simply can not keep a stocked store at all times being located where we are and the small shop that we are.

Thanks to all who have ever supported us in any way. We very much appreciate your support.


Out of guns

We are currently out of firearms to sell (our suppliers have limited stock, at times, and it is hard to compete with our competitors buying power for what does briefly come in stock ).

Until that changes, we will be open by appointment only.

We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience but with no firearms to sell, there isn’t much reason to be open for normal business.

We are still accepting transfers (rates are $30 per transfer as of March 1st.) and we do still have some accessories and ammunition still in stock, call for details.
Thank you,

Gary Morris – Managing Member

Liberty Guns And Armor LLC


1st – Business – 903-269-9379

2nd – Home phone number if no answer at store – 903-356-3969

3rd – Mobile phone if no answer at store or home – 903-269-8987

If no answer at any of these, please leave a message at the business number and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

Price increases

Due to the current nationwide shortage of pretty much all Ammo and Firearms, all in store prices on Firearms and Ammo are no longer correct.

We must increase the cost to be able to support overhead costs until products become available again.

We are sorry for this change and we hope that the firearms industry will stabilize soon so that we can return retail costs to a more reasonable place.

Some may view this as price gouging or supply in demand. The reality is that a business continues to have overhead costs (utilities, marketing, etc.) even if they do not have product to sell. The only way to offset this cost and hopefully be able to remain in business is to increase costs to hopefully offset the continued overhead costs until product becomes available again.

I am currently getting feedback of 6 months wait time on some firearms and the rest are on a first come first served basis. Which, in my opinion, means the big box stores are most likely to buy them before us little guys even get wind of their arrival.

We don’t like this any more than you, the consumer, does. If you are a previous customer, talk to us about a loyal customer discount to help defray this price increase.

Thanks to all of our customers who have made us who we are.

Gary Morris – Managing Member
Liberty Guns And Armor LLC

Store Closings Update

Liberty Guns And Armor’s store will be closed until further notice (current plans for reopening are late October but are not concrete). Please bear with us as responses will be slow.

We had intended to reopen on the 12th of October but this is currently not possible.

At this time, no one is available at Liberty Guns And Armor LLC for anything, including transfers, internet sales, special orders, etc.

So what this means is, if you drop by the store, we may or may not be here (most likely not). So it is suggested that you call or Email for an appointment ahead of time to be sure someone will be here. Responses will be very slow as we have other obligations that we can not neglect at this time (family).

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us for any reason, it may take us a while to respond but we will try to respond as soon as we can.


Thank you,

Gary Morris –Managing member

Liberty guns And Armor LLC


Toll Free 866-491-1570