Nightmare Preparation 101 From ‘The Sheriff’

The unthinkable has happened. Maybe it was an Earthquake, Hurricane, or Tsunami that has hit your home town, maybe the stock market crashed (finally) and all hell has broken loose around you as a direct result of the economy going down the crapper. Maybe it was even something as bizarre and extreme as the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ completely overtaking where you live. You’re now living in absolute chaos because of whatever scenario that unfolded in your home town, threatening yourself and your loved ones.


Unfortunately many people have perished as a direct result of this chaos, but that hasn’t stopped the looting and violence all around you. Luckily for you, neither you nor your family is hurt by whatever catastrophic event unfolded HOWEVER looters are threatening to hurt you for whatever you have, this has put your family’s safety in severe jeopardy.
This is literally your worst nightmare come to life, so what do you do about it?


Have no fear, Liberty Guns and Armor is here!!


If you are smart and you live in what’s known as a ‘high risk’ area then the right to bear arms is an absolute necessity to keep yourself, your loved ones and your possessions safe and secure. There’s an old saying in SHTF preparation: “If you can’t protect what you have when the ‘SHTF’, your possessions won’t be yours for long.” Trust us, whether you like it or not, the manure is inevitably going to meet the fan. The only real question we have left is not IF, but WHEN is it going to hit?


Given we have an economy teetering on depression, an unexplainable rise in extreme weather like deadly tornadoes in the Midwest and across the entire country (hell one even hit Massachusetts a couple of weeks back) flooding by the Mississippi River, and revolutions breaking out all over the world along with many other events in 2011 alone we’d have to say the prognosis is not looking good, the time to arm yourself and get ready for ANYTHING is right NOW.


Here is a breakdown of our most popular products that will help to keep you safe no matter what comes you and your loved ones way:


Check out our available body armor.

Firearms and Ammunition:

The brand new on the market SRM Arms 1216 has got to be one of the greatest shotguns for self/tactical defense that I have ever heard of. You’ve seen the Saiga 12 in The Expendables and drooled, it doesn’t even compare.

Combine that with some Extreme Ammo (the best Ammo available for tactical/ self defense) and you will be a force to be reckoned with.

Of course there are great items available for your AR as well. Check out the new Slide Fire butt Stock accessory for some faux fully automatic fire from your aR15, legally without any permits, stamps or bullshit.

Of course you can’t forget about something a little smaller and more compact than the shotgun and rifle. The handgun is an essential part of any home protection scenario. We have every caliber of Hi-Point’s pistols currently in stock and for the price, you just can’t beat them. Made in the USA and they come with a lifetime manufacturers warranty, we can hardly keep these guys in stock. Cheap enough to put away for a rainy day yet dependable enough to keep you safe when TSHTF. We also carry the Hi-Point Carbines  in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP along with any accessory you might need for your Hi-Point. These go fast so call ahead for availability.


On top of everything, we also highly recommend any and all of these products from The Ready Store:


Freeze Dried Food

Dehydrated Food

Water Filters and Storage

Emergency Supplies

72 Hour Kits


It’s time to be ready for absolutely anything…NOW. Don’t wait for chaos to break out, be ready to welcome it with open (fire) arms.


-Sheriff Gustafson


Sheriff Gustafson is a fellow writer and blogger from Reality SLAP Now whom we have invited to be a guest writer on our site. Please give a warm welcome and be ready for much more from the Sheriff.

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